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3 Marketing Things Home Services Contractors Need to Know For 2016

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Dec 28, 2015 9:30:00 AM

The New Year is quickly approaching, and homeowners in your area are already thinking of ways to improve their homes for 2016.

But keep in mind that the consumers of last year are different than those of 2016. Recently, we’ve seen a big shift in the way consumers behave with online reputations mattering more than ever.

To accommodate these changes and attract new customers, focus on these 3 must-have marketing techniques. After all, now is the time to jumpstart your marketing strategy and become a part of your customer’s New Year improvement plan.

  1. Consumers Establish Trust with Reviews

Trust is still at the heart of customer requirements for home services contractors. What’s changed is its residence in the digital world.

Home service contractors need to build trust and establish credibility online. Word-of-mouth marketing and name recognition are no longer enough.

Looking at behavior patterns shows us that customers are heading online first to learn more about a potential contractor. They may see your flyer or get your name from a neighbor. But they’ll begin to make their final decision online as they search for reviews from past customers.


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You may have stellar reviews on Angie’s List but does your name show up on multiple review sites?

Having a good, consistent reputation on various review sources will help you seal the deal. Instead of being dependent on just one source, work to get on several in 2016 such as Google, Guild Quality, Customer Lobby and Angie’s List.

To make sure it happens, add it to your business plan. Follow up for reviews with every sale, and you’ll see your online presence grow quickly.



  1. Retargeting Drives Conversion Rates

Today we have the advantage of being able to study the behavior of users online, and in turn, target them with appropriate, relevant ads. Retargeting is a crucial part of this concept.

Picture this: you’re actively searching for a local contractor to add an addition onto your home. You visit websites for dozens of contractors in your area while you’re compiling references. Later, an ad for one of those contractors shows up while you’re browsing the web.

That magic right there is remarketing.

Which contractor are you most likely to remember the best? The one who displayed a retargeted ad is more likely to stay on your radar. But retargeting doesn’t just boost your visibility. It also drives conversions as visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your site.

Bottom line: retargeting is a cost-effective way to increase visibility and conversion rates.

  1. Good Photos Make Sales

In your business, before and after photos are a big deal. Customers want to know what they can expect from your services at the end of a project. So, include photographs with blog posts and social media updates to attract viewers and showcase your hard work.

Sites like Houzz, Pinterest and Facebook perform best with eye-catching images. And let’s face it; a quality photograph does more talking than any pitch will ever do.

For 2016, this is one area to commit to 100%. If you can’t do it in-house, develop a relationship with a local photographer.



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