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3 signs you might have a crummy website

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Jun 7, 2010 4:07:38 PM

How "good" is a website?

When I meet with clients for the first time, one of the things they usually want to know is "what do you think of my website?" I've learned to be careful with these answers because site owners can be a bit like parents in that they think their website is beautiful even though others might not.

But more importantly, I've also learned that there is more to a good website than just pretty design. An effective site is one that does the job - and for business people that means converting visitors into buyers.

So in an effort to help people evaluate their own websites I suggest the following:

3 Signs You May Have A Crummy Website:

1. Your contact information is hard to find.

This seems to be problem #1 with web designers. They create a beautiful site that doesn't offer an easy way to contact you. Remember that yours is one of billions of websites and that people will be spending mere seconds on each page - so make sure your phone number or email address are easy to find in the top right hand corner.

Oh and make sure it's in text and not a graphics file so that mobile users can click on it when they need to.

2. You cannot update your website yourself.

If you cannot update your site yourself that means the site is probably outdated or stale. Google is out looking for fresh, relevant information and if you are unable to update your website than there is not much chance your information is terribly fresh.

Plus, with the amount of free content management systems like Word Press available to the public, there really is no excuse for this unless you have a crummy website.

3. You can't find yourself in searches.

I see this one a lot. Website owners that can't Google their own site and find it with relative ease. There are a whole host of reasons this could be the case - and all of them point to a crummy website (or at least a crummy web designer).

Changes you can make

If you didn't pass the crummy website test don't despair. There are changes you can make without having to scrap the whole site and start over again.

If you would like to learn more about website fixups that will help in any of these areas please contact us today.

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