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4 tips for maximizing LinkedIn

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Jun 14, 2010 3:50:57 PM

Get the most from Linked In, Part 1 of 2

So you have a log in and you have filled in the most basic information on LinkedIn. You know that other people are using this site because you hear them talk about it and the people they have met using it. How can you join the others who are getting the most from LinkedIn, the leading professional social networking website?

1. Develop your profile.

A generic profile does not allow you to connect with others as efficiently and makes it harder for your connections to help you by making introductions. Be sure to fill out past employers, education, and the time you have been in your current position, as these are the easiest ways to connect with other professionals like you and to be found by those looking for someone with your experience.

Additionally, be sure that your profile is displayed. Hiding the profile you have developed and worked on will make it harder for you to build a presence on this website and in the professional community.

2. Bring LinkedIn into your real life.

When you meet people, ask them if they are on LinkedIn. If so, ask to connect with them soon after meeting them so that you are fresh in their mind. This will help your LinkedIn network reflect the network you have built in reality.

3. Work the recommendations.

Recommend others and ask people you have worked with to recommend you. Reach out by making the effort to recommend others before they ask you to do so; this will help your relationship with them, help others on LinkedIn by giving them an accurate reflection of the person you have recommended, and may increase the chances that you will be recommended as well.

4. Promote your profile

Do your customers or personal contacts know you have a LinkedIn profile? One important step in succeeding with this tool is to add a LinkedIn logo to your website, blog, email signature. or other marketing materials. Each time we look at website analytics and traffic reports, customers are always amazed that they receive traffic from simply including a logo in their email but it works!

Look for the long term

These are the first steps to getting the most from LinkedIn, but there is much more you can do with this important professional tool. One good way to think about Linked In is that it can become your professional networking tool for 201o and you should treat it as such. Don't spam people with advertising, make comments you might later regret or do things that you wouldn't do if you were in person.

Get used to participating on Linked In and you might be surprised what the results would be.

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