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5 Practical Steps to Generate More Website Traffic

Posted by Andre' Savoie on May 18, 2010 10:04:27 AM

Website traffic is one of those things that it seems like you can never get enough. And for those who are struggling to find the right amount of web traffic this can be a serious pain point in your business.

While we work with clients on some complex internet marketing strategies for building web traffic, there are some simple things that we can offer as tips you can do on your own.

5 Steps You Can Take To Increase Web Traffic:

Step 1: Add local meta data and content to your site.

If you don’t know what “meta data” is read our article “Meta Data Explained for People with Real Jobs.” However for those of you that know where to find a page title – the first suggestion is to never leave it blank. The biggest mistake we see is that someone just put your company name there which is an enormous waste of space.

Adding your local information to the website in the following areas can have a big impact on attracting more local users to your website. Make sure to take advantage of the following on each page:

  • Page Title
  • Content
  • Footer

Step 2: Get rid of Generic or copied content.

Most people have heard that you need good articles or news on their websites. However they post other people’s articles or news which really does them no good. The other big mistake is when companies take “stock” content from vendor sites and put it on theirs.

The bottom line is Google rewards fresh, original content. So do some writing of your own and you will start to attract more web traffic.

Step 3: Use free local tools.

There are a whole host of free tools out there such as local listings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Creating a good listing in those search engines will definitely bring more traffic to your website. The same can also be said for creating profiles on customer review sites which are also usually free.

Step 4: Get serious about social.

There is a whole world developing online of social media outlets for information. The big 3 are Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. But there are also sites such as Squidoo, Scribd, Hub Pages and StumbleUpon where you can post and share content with millions of other web users. And these days you can even hire a social media consultant if you need help in this area!

Step 5: Write and share your expertise or passion.

If you have any subjects that you have expertise or passion about – start writing. The online world is full of enthusiasts for one thing or another and the best way to reach them is to write something compelling and interesting that you will want to read.

I hope these tips on internet marketing can help drive more visitors to your website. If you would like to discuss them further please contact us today at 504-669-3207 or email info@mywsiconsultant.com.

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