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5 Web Marketing Basics

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Jun 17, 2010 3:43:28 PM

5 Web Marketing Basics You Can Use

Web marketing is one of those things that are easy to over complicate. There are lots of technology type words and acronyms out there, probably designed by marketing types, that tend to keep the average person in the dark about what they can do to help marketing their websites.

Not to worry, as the basics of web marketing can easily be understood even non "techy-type" website owner.

Marketing Strategies You Can Use:

1. Well thought out conversion elements – this seems like an obvious one but it’s the most often missed. By “conversion elements” we mean giving the user a chance to take action. In layman’s terms what this means is that your phone number, email address, contact information, shopping cart, newsletter signup etc are EASY TO FIND for the user.

If the user can easily find what you want them to do, that makes it easier for them to “convert” from shoppers to buyers!

2. Special offers or incentives – As much as we don’t want to admit it, just getting a person to visit your website may not be good enough. The web is a very competitive place and the “Back” button is easy to find. Combat this by crafting a special offer or incentive that users can only find on your website.

3. User oriented content plan – Ask yourself what types of questions and information your customers are seeking, and plan to create content to provide that information. Remember people are searching for information online, not sales brochures.

4. Clearly defined goals – Define what goals you want to achieve from you site. Do you want xx number of calls, emails or sales? Taking this step will help you evaluate the success of your web marketing program.

5. Website analytics program – the final step is to ensure you are tracking and measuring your results with a website analytics programs. The best one from Google is free so no excuses allowed here!

Do you really need web marketing?

If you think your website stands out from the crowd, just remember that there are billions of websites out there on the web – most of them accessible with a single click. Always keep in mind how competitive things are and use that to spur creative thinking when it comes to your web marketing plan.

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