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Benchmarking Step 2 - Measuring Results

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Aug 23, 2010 9:00:16 AM

You must keep score

Once you have developed the question and the process for getting the answer to that question, it is time to determine how the answers to that question will be tabulated so that the answers will mean something to you as you structure your marketing efforts. You must decide how you will measure the performance of one treatment as compared to another and of each treatment as compared to the control.

When working with online marketing, there are four basic elements that can be measured that, from a business perspective, are relevant:

  1. The amount of activity on your site. How many unique visitors are coming to the site?
  2. The source of the activity on your site. Are people visiting the site as a result of an email promotion or a facebook post? Have they found you on Google or as the result of a pay-per-click campaign?
  3. The nature of the activity – what are people doing? What pages are they looking at and how long are they spending on specific pages? Are they clicking on certain things?
  4. The results of activity on the site. Are people signing up for newsletters? Are they putting items into a cart but not checking out? Are they completing sales? Are they calling your business to speak to a representative?

When you determine which of these factors you want to measure, you can develop the tools to record the relevant information so that you can answer the question that you defined at the beginning of this process. This will put you farther along on your path to optimizing the way your company interacts with potential customer online.

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