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Benchmarking Step 4 - Interpreting Results

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Aug 26, 2010 9:30:23 AM

Reading between the lines

Once you have decided that the information collected is valid, you must interpret the results in way that is meaningful and also correct. Determining what the results actually mean is how you will turn the testing you have completed into action, creating a more functional and efficient website and online marketing operation.

However, do not feel the need to force your test to “mean” something. If there is nothing to be gleaned from the results, then making any significant changes would be an inefficient way to increase the conversion rates and revenue produced from your website.

Learning from the process

However, if at first you cannot determine anything from the data you have collected, do not just throw the information away. There is something to be learned from the process.

First, you may want to run the test a second time, especially if you are concerned that there were issues with timing or the instruments used for measurement that could be corrected in a second run of the test. If you do not think that there is anything you could correct for a second testing run, look more closely at the result and consider filtering them in a different way.

Sometimes there are patterns that you may have overlooked that are related to certain days of the week or times of the day that can explain the results that previously looked meaningless.

Finally, consider what can be learned from your lack of results. Perhaps this tells you that changing this variable is not going to meaningfully affect conversions or result in more unique visitors, so it is not something that you should spend more time examining, or that each of the choices you have are poor ones and that you should not use any of them in the future.

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