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Combining Search and Social into Digital Marketing

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Feb 7, 2014 4:19:37 AM

In today’s world, companies need to be able to integrate all of their online content, including search and social into a single digital marketing strategy.

The content on your website and blog, as well as your social media sites are all intertwined. In fact, social content is playing a larger role than it once did.


Even though they may seem like very separate areas, and you might have different people working on them, they need to work together to provide a cohesive front if you want to get the maximum ROI from your efforts.

The Rise of Social Media in Marketing

A few years ago, when social media was still in its early days, companies would generally rely on their websites, and perhaps their blogs, to help them get good rankings on the search engines.

People would (and still do) go to the search engines, type in keywords or phrases, and then the search engines would show them a list of sites. Hopefully, your site or blog was on there.

Today, social media results are hugely important, and the most popular of the social media sites, Facebook and Twitter, can have a huge impact on where you place in the search results. As this Vocus article mentions, search was suddenly becoming about placing more importance on social verification for content on the web.

Instead of treating these things separately, as many are doing, it is important to integrate them so they work seamlessly. People can use social media sites to find out about your company and the product or services you offer. They can visit your site through links on those social media sites, or by using the old school method of searching for you on the search engine sites. Once they arrive at your site, the quality of your content can qualify you as a good choice.

Think Mobile Too

Another thing you have to think about is just how many people are accessing their social media sites, and then your site, through their tablets and smartphones. Make sure to optimize the content you have for mobile sites so everyone who wants to access the content is able.

For example, Apple products don’t have the ability to play Flash. Having flash intros or videos on your site means that a substantial number of people looking at your site through their iPhone will not have full access to your content.

How to Create the Best Content

When you are creating the content for your site, you need to think about your customers as well as what they need.

What do they look for the most?

If you have a restaurant, they will want to know about your menu, prices, location, reservations, and the like.

Whatever it is your customers will need when they arrive at your site is what you should focus on providing and making easy to find.

Make sure the type of content you are creating, whether it is a static menu page, posts about events at the restaurant, or anything else, is right for your type of customers. Make sure the content covers what people want, and ensure it is sharable, so they can share the online content with their friends and get even more business to your store.

Resource: http://www.vocus.com/blog/integrate-content-search-and-social/

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