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Email Blasts: Valuable Marketing Tool or Annoying Spam?

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Sep 27, 2012 2:52:24 AM

An email blast is an electronic mailing that is sent out to a large list of people at one time. The “blast” describes a promotion, product, service or event that is going on and reaches out customers who have signed up for the company’s mailings.

There are many advantages to email blasts, especially because you’re targeting customers who have opted into your electronic mailings, so technically, you’re not spamming them. And, this means that your recipients are already interested in what you have to offer – right? Well, maybe.

The truth is that email blasts can be a great digital marketing tool, but only when used effectively. In fact, many companies find that a good portion of their emails are bounced back from organizations that read the “blasts” as spam. When people opt out of your emails, choose not to read them or decide not to sign up in the first place, you lose potential customers and end up putting time, money and effort into a marketing tool that isn’t working.

Here is your best defense when creating an email blast:

- Know your target. Instead of aiming for anyone who will sign up on your mailing list, target those who may actually turn out to be clients, those who will read your emails and those who may influence others to make a decision to buy your product.

- Entice people to sign up. You want to make it worth people’s effort to sign up on your mailing list, so offer a free download, ebook or online coupon. Provide content available only to subscribers, and provide sign-up links on Facebook, your website and your blog.

- Create a marketing plan. Decide how many email blasts you’ll send out each month, how long they should be, what they will contain and their overall format.

- Create an interesting message. Determine what your subject line will be – make it attention-grabbing – include your logo and make sure that the email looks professional.

- Test the results. Create ‘dummy’ addresses and test your email. Make sure it’s not being read as spam, that the format and logos look decent and that the subject line and email display correctly.

- Send your email blasts. You can send your emails any day you’d like depending on your group of recipients.

- Measure your results. Use marketing software to measure your results. Track such numbers as how many emails were bounced back, forwarded, opened and more.

Although email blasts are simple, treating them as basic email messages won’t give you the full benefits of this marketing tool. If you don’t want your newsletters to end up as spam, it’s important to give special attention to your email marketing plan by following the steps ahead and continually measuring results.

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