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Finding the Right Mix of Online and Offline Marketing

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Oct 27, 2014 3:44:41 AM

Yeah, we sell websites and online marketing.

But we know that digital marketing is not the only way attract customers and market your customers.

Sure, we think it’s the BEST way, but we’ve learned over the years that finding a good overall strategy, one that combines online and offline marketing, usually leads to the best results.



In our experience, those businesses that effectively manage both online and offline marketing strategies meet the most success. For this reason, we always recommend that businesses give equal attention to both their online and offline marketing. However, we thought it might be worthwhile to delve deeper into the issue.

Some Interesting Statistics

A survey was conducted recently by RetailMeNot, which examined the online and offline marketing strategies of multi-channel retail businesses that have at least $50 million in revenue each year.


Most notably, the survey revealed that 75% of these businesses feel that online marketing offers the best return on investment. Despite this, though, only 27% of those businesses felt that they possessed advanced skills with respect to digital marketing.

This lack of experience or confidence is marked in the divide between what these businesses feel is the most effective way of driving sales through online marketing, with opinion split more or less evenly between websites, deal websites, deal mobile applications, and retailer mobile applications.

Despite the concern, these retailers distributed their resources more or less evenly between online and offline marketing strategies.

However, only 19% of those businesses felt that their multi-channel approach to marketing was as effective as it could be. In rectifying this, many of these businesses, 65% as a matter of fact, felt that a mobile application was necessary for improving their online marketing strategies overall. However, only 19% of those businesses felt that they had the internal expertise and competency to develop and deploy one such mobile application, and only a quarter were actually actively working to develop one.

While Split, Many Businesses Don’t Do Enough with Online

This last point underscores how businesses can and should be doing MORE with online marketing.

The return on investment is significant, which calls into question why many retail businesses, for example, continue to divide their resources evenly between online and offline.

By shifting some of their resources away from offline toward online marketing, and specifically toward mobile applications, they would be able to build their competency with online marketing and maximize the effectiveness of their marketing strategy overall.

As we suggested, a mobile strategy is particularly important.

With a mobile application, or even a website that’s responsive to mobile devices, its possible to put your business in the palms of your customers hands on a 24/7 basis.

Moreover, web traffic is increasingly moving toward mobile platforms, and failing to have a strategy for capturing that traffic is simply unacceptable.

In addition to the above, many businesses also fail to include local search engine optimization as part of their overall online marketing strategy. Because of this, many of these businesses are failing to capture valuable local business, or are leaving their online presence in the hands customers who use review sites and local listings pages. Again, this is simply unacceptable.

Online and Offline Marketing are Equally Important

While businesses should be paying more attention to their online marketing strategies than they are, this shouldn’t come at the expense of an offline strategy.

Continuing to pursue offline marketing is incredibly important, as those drivers of business are unlikely to ever disappear.

So, even as you shift more resources toward online marketing, be sure to maximize the effectiveness of the resources you continue to dedicate to offline marketing.

In our experience, maximizing success in both areas is the only way to have a successful overall marketing strategy, as doing poorly in one or the other generally causes businesses to lag behind their competitors.


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