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Gas grill cooking time for chicken

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Jun 4, 2009 9:05:00 PM

So much has been written about how to grill steaks on a grill its a wonder why there is so little written about how to grill chicken. Maybe its because chicken is less expensive or more common - or maybe steaks are just that much cooler?
But whatever the reason there is no excuse for messing up chicken on a gas or charcoal grill. Especially when there is good information out there about gas grill cooking time for chicken. And since we eat chicken much more often that steak you would think it would be more useful information anyway. Especially when you consider that there really isn't anything worse than dried out, overcooked chicken.

We have published a couple of articles and web pages which include great tips like how to know when you chicken is cooked, how to account for whether or not the chicken has bones or no bones and even pre-serving tips that you can use.
Don't forget the potatoes!

Now just because you are having chicken on the grill doesn't mean you can't have potatoes on the grill too! A lot of people are getting interested in how to bake a potato on a grill as an alternative to the old standby of oven baked potatoes.
I think part of the draw is that its simply something different. Let's face it - anybody can cook a potato in the oven. And most likely the other big draw is that its grilled. It seems that natural fire makes everything taste better and that crispy, grilled texture is something that you just can't get in the oven.
OK so you really want steak?

Well if chicken won't do and you really want a steak than you should have no problem finding steak grilling tips on the Internet. Whether you like it rare or butterflied and well done its not hard to make steak come out tasting great on the grill.
So come on weekend warriors - fire up the grill and have at it. Sure you'll smell like the grill when you are done but that's what showers are for!

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