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Get rankings for long tail keywords with good content

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Mar 13, 2015 8:52:00 AM

Just about every project we work on has a "trophy" phrase...a keyword that the owner likes to check and see where they stand. This is usually a broad 1-2 word phrase like "gas lights" for instance.

The problem with these 1-2 word phrases is that they're often full of mixed results because search engines aren't quite sure what you're looking for. So for instance, if you typed in the phrase "gas lights" you might be looking for something related to the gas light on your car, or possibly a hand made copper lantern.

This basic dilemma is the reason we love content marketing - or more specifically, building out alot of good, informative pages on a website targeted at particular phrases.

We call those "long tail" keywords because they more accurately describe a product or service that's of commercial value to a client.

How does this work?

Let's look at a specific example.

Long Tail Keyword Rankings In Action

We work with a client that sells copper lanterns that you can get in either gas or electric power.

They have a couple of product options that people who are shopping for those types of lanterns know about, and it's especially important to get in front of those people because those folks are ready to buy.

One of the ways you can do this is by creating specific pages for those product options that people might be looking for.

In this case, 2 examples would be search phrases such as "aluminium brackets for copper lanterns" and "thermocouples for copper lanterns".

WSI created 2 individual website pages on each topic, optimized them for search, submitted them to Google, and look what happens...

If you search for "aluminium brackets for copper lanterns":


If you search for "thermocouples controls for copper lanterns":


Less Competition Means Greater Visibility

Maybe the best part about chasing long tail keywords is that you don't have nearly the competition levels that you otherwise might have for the broader phrases.

That means it's easier to get rankings and keep them.

It also means it's easier to get visibility when people are searching for what you offer or sell, and ultimately that's what we're after with inbound marketing.

Quality over Quantity

So what, you ask?

Those aren't exactly "high volume" search phrases are they?

No, they're not.

But when you are targeting traffic like this, it's about quality over quantity.

Besides, do you want website traffic or new customers? There's a big difference.

The question we have to ask in cases like this is...Are people looking at aluminium brackets or detailed power options further along the buying cycle than someone searching a generic phrase like "gas lights"?

You bet they are.

If your site shows up in those types of searches, are those visitors more likely to convert into a lead?

Again, you bet they are.

Enough said.

This is why we spend so much time creating content for websites either in the form of website pages, blog posts or graphics. High quality content marketing works.

If you'd like to find out about how to implement a strategy like this for your business, ask me today about a free consultation.

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