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Google Adwords Certified Professionals in New Orleans

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Jul 6, 2009 12:33:00 PM

Google AdWords is one of the most interesting programs I've seen in the advertising world. It's where Craig's List meets Newsweek Magazine.

What I mean is that Google AdWords is designed as a "do it yourself" program. Yes they have a wonderfully extensive help library and yes they representatives available to guide you. But at the end of the day you can setup, write and run your own ads on the biggest search network in the world. And while Craig's List is easy to do because it's more of a directory - effectively running online ads takes study and practice.

"Do it yourself" is the great equalizer

No doubt about it - Google has it right with their current advertising platform. "Do it yourself" and "free to sign up and use" leaves very little to complain about. However, the reality is that many business owners and executives have very full schedules and finding the time to study up on a program like AdWords takes valuable time which they may not have. This leaves many businesses with a real need to bring in a professional or a consultant to work on their advertising program in order to make it work effectively.

Compounding matters are estimates are more than 2/3 of internet users visit Google to find what they are looking for. With so many people present on Google it can be easy to run through your budget in no time if you aren't careful about how your ads are running.

Google Adwords Professionals

In my opinion - the Google Adwords Professional program is a great way for Google to reach the business world. The Adwords certification means that an individual has met certain experience levels and have passed an exam which covers the most important facets of Google's advertising program.

For business owners - this means that you can now find professionals in your local market who are qualified to help you with your online advertising needs. Google Adwords Professionals don't work for Google but we know thier ropes and are available to share that knowledge and guidance with you to help you succeed online.

If you are looking for a Google Adwords Certified Pro in the New Orleans area we invite you to contact us at WSI. Contact us via email [email protected] or telephone 1-866-345-8279.

WSI has franchise offices all over the world which are locally owned and operated. Our Mandeville, LA office serves all of Louisiana and offers search engine marketing services such as paid advertising through programs like Google Adwords.

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