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How Facebook protects your brand

Posted by Andre' Savoie on May 21, 2010 1:43:23 PM

One of the best reasons to put your company on Facebook is that it offers unique opportunities to protect your brand, both on Facebook and on search engines such as Google. Often, people avoid bringing their businesses into online forum that they cannot control because they are afraid of the negative ramifications that may result.

Who controls your online brand?

The Internet is a very democratic place – with a few exceptions, anyone can put up a blog post, a video, a picture, or even a website about your company with or without your approval. However, if you set up an official company page on which you can control the content, the first thing that shows up when people search for your company name will be your page rather than someone else’s blog or a competitor bashing your products.

Why Facebook for Business?

With hundreds of millions of users, protecting your brand on Facebook is more than a good idea, it’s almost a necessity.

And now that Google and other popular search engines can access the information on Facebook pages, that brand protection goes beyond the social media or networking site and adds to your overall brand reputation on the Internet as a whole.

Protect Your Online Resume

When your Facebook page shows up on the first page of a search, it does so in addition to the company’s actual web site, giving the potential customer two opportunities to be directed to your company. It also pushes one more competitor off the page, allowing you to control that much more of the valuable real estate on Page 1.

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