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How to Double Your Website Traffic Using Google AdWords

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Jun 20, 2012 5:29:29 AM

Most people understand that if their site isn’t ranking well, than the Google AdWords program is a great way to get page one visibility. But on the flip side, one of the common misconceptions I find people have is that if their site ranks well for certain targeted phrases, then they really don’t need Google AdWords.

We have always been of the mindset that 2 page one listings in Google are better than one, so being good at SEO doesn’t mean you should avoid paid search marketing. After all, for every spot you claim you are knocking a competitor off or out of the way. By claiming this territory, especially above the fold on page 1, people who search are getting the message that your business must be trustworthy to show up in both places.

Enter the data

Interestingly, a recent A recent study conducted by David Chan, a lead researcher for Google, backs up our theory and offers some numbers to prove it. Chan recently did in-depth research to determine just how paid search ads and organic search results work for websites, and the results were somewhat surprising.

Previously, Google had released a study stating that if Google AdWords, or paid search results, were eliminated; the result would be an 89% reduction in clicks. The immediate question that was raised by many readers was, well, what about if your site is the top organic search result? Surely you would not see such a substantial decrease in clicks in that situation.

The results of the second study show that the 89% number makes more sense when you consider that majority of the Google AdWords results were not accompanied by top organic results. Over eighty percent of the time, the paid search results did not even have an organic result on the first page. 9% of the Google AdWords results had an accompanied organic top search result.

Chan’s research went even further to show that even if you have the top organic search result, you can still see a great benefit from a paid search ad. The study took into account sites that have the top organic search result as well as a paid search result. In the instances when the paid search result did not appear, 50% of the clicks that were received through ads were not replaced by clicks on the organic search result.

This new study also showed that Google AdWords can make an even larger impact on your clicks if your ranking is at the number 2 spot or below. The study found that if your ranking is between 2 and 4 on the results page, 82% of the clicks are incremental paid ad clicks.

The conclusion of this research is that even if your site does appear on the first page of organic search results, your traffic and clicks can be increased substantially with the help of paid search results through Google AdWords. To optimize your clicks even further, be sure to use the help and expertise of marketers that are going to make the most of your paid ad space.

> You can browse the summary of find the full study here

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