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How to get your company on LinkedIn

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Aug 11, 2010 3:26:56 PM

If you have decided that you want to get involved with LinkedIn so that you can make this valuable website a part of your professional toolbox, here are some quick steps to getting it done:

  1. As with other social networking sites that require a profile, the first step for a business on LinkedIn is to create a corporate profile. Any messages from the company itself will come from this profile to reduce confusion and create a strong and consistent brand identity on this site and in general.
  2. Individual members of the company can then create their own profiles. These profiles can be associated with the company’s corporate profile so that the individual profiles reflect the specific employees and what they bring to the company.
  3. Make sure the profile is accurate and truly represents either the company or the individual. Keep both individual and corporate profiles current.
  4. Individuals should be sure to include current positions, past positions, and education. This information will make it easier for them to develop their network on LinkedIn and to offer a comprehensive portrayal of themselves to others. Additionally, a professional photograph strengthens individual profiles.
  5. Use your real world connections. To make the most of LinkedIn, use the tools that help you find the people you know in real life on the website as well. For example, webmail import will allow you to see all the people you email with who are on the site, allowing you to quickly connect with them. Similarly, you can upload a contact file that you use on any other program including Outlook or Mac Address. For companies, this means building a strong network of other professionals and companies with whom you have worked so that you will appear trustworthy and reputable to new contacts who view your LinkedIn profile.

Within the internet marketing realm there are lots of things you will pay for - but free tools like LinedIn can be very valuable sources of leads, customer engagement and brand reputation. Give your company an edge by getting it on LinkedIn.

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