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What's the big deal with infographics?

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Nov 14, 2012 8:26:16 AM

Keeping the theme of "alternative content development" from earlier this month, in this post we'll take a closer look at everyone's attempt to let their creative juices flow - otherwise known as infograpihcs.

What are they?

Infographics are pretty cool - they are graphical representations of facts, figures or something plain old funny. For instance, when President Obama wanted to convince voters of how well his jobs creation plans have done, his team created an infographic showing data which supported their conclusion. The graphic looked like this:



Now, don't take my sharing this graphic as evidence of my political bent. But it does do a nice job of illustrating one potential use for these powerful graphics. As an alternative, consider the following type of graphic which was also submitted during the campaign:



As you can see, infographics are what you make them. We generally see two main types of infographics being floated around:

  • Informational - Graphics such as the ones above seek to share data or facts in a visual manner and can be very appealing
  • Funny - Graphics designed to get your attention and make a point

That's cool, but why should I care?

Ahhh, the why should I care question. Which in this case is very valid for business owners with tight budgets and limited attention spans. Here are 2 good reasons business owners should care about infographics:

  1. They can help you rank better. If you do a good job at creating a really compelling infographic, people will notice and they will share it, link back to you and post it on their social sites. Links are becoming very difficult to come by these days, and these types of links are invaluable to sites when it comes to ranking better.
  2. They do increase engagement. If you want to spice up a dull Facebook page, just try posting an infographic that includes a kitten and watch what happens. Human beings (and the internet for that matter), are visual and we like interesting pictures. A good infographic will go a long way towards getting people to comment, post and share your content.

Businesses who are trying to compete and win on the internet will understand the value of these important factors which is why we are bringing them to your attention.

Good uses and material for infograhics:

  • Recent news
  • Industry news, events, findings
  • Summaries, how-tos, guides
  • Presenting facts & figures
  • Political material
  • Nonsense stuff just intended to be funny
  • Anything with a sexy woman on it
  • Anything with a kitten


Recent examples

We've been helping customers try to get engaged with infograhics and have built a few to get things going. A few examples of ones we've done recently include:

> Click here to see how this infographic was used on the client's blog


> Click here to see how this graphic was used on the client's blog


As with most things on the internet, infographics are just one more tool in the war for rankings. But it's a good one to have if used correctly and sparingly. To find out more about how to use tools such as these in your business, please call or email us today for a free consultation.


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