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Introduction to AB Testing

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Aug 30, 2010 9:32:49 AM

What is A/B Testing All About?

A/B split testing refers to tests in which there are two choices for the testers, choice A and choice B. With only two choices, there is a clear indication of which is the preferred option and this yields results that are easily turned into actions by those looking to optimize their conversions.

It is a great way to structure testing for this purpose. Here are the first four steps in an eight step guide to using A/B split testing for your testing needs:

  1. Examine capabilities and choose the right tools. While there are some complex A/B split testing tools available, you can also make use of simple sequential testing as well. Your capabilities will determine how your tests should go.
  2. Choose the control page. This is the page that you will compare all the tested versions to. If this is your first A/B split test, then the control page is your current landing page that is yet to be optimized.
  3. Determine goals and parameters. You are looking for the best page, but what does best mean in this situation? More conversions, a greater return on investment in pay per click campaigns, or perhaps an increased number of subscribers? You have to know what you are comparing in order to determine the best option.
  4. Set a time limit. How long will you run the test? You need to ensure that you will be able to have enough trials to yield relevant data. Decide how much data will make it relevant and then determine how long the test should run to yield that amount of data.

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