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Is Google+ The Next Big Thing?

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Oct 17, 2012 12:15:27 PM


Google+ may not have the mass following that Facebook or Twitter have, but at this point, it’s growing into its shoes and giving marketers something to watch over. In September 2012, Google announced that 400 million users are currently signed up for Google+ and approximately 100 million are active users.

New Study Shows Google+ is Growing for Online Marketers

A recent study by SEOmoz, an SEO software provider, sheds more light onto Google+ and how it may be affecting online marketing in the future. At this time, the August 2012 study found that only 54.9% of online marketers say that Google+ is one of their five most-used sites, a far cry from the 87.7% and 82.7% who said that Facebook and Twitter, respectively, are their top sites. Google+ does come in ahead of You Tube, however, which gathered 48.9% of respondents’ responses.

Google+ Expected to Have Impact Future Online Marketing

It’s true that Google+ may not be progressing as quickly as some other sites, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold power. SEOmoz found that 63.8% of online marketers have set up an online profile for the Google+ platform, not far off from the 75.8% of marketers who have set up a Facebook business page. Furthermore, 56.4% of respondents said that Google+ is expected to be an influential source in search engine results. This is, in part, from the new algorithm that includes Google Panda and Google+ authorship. These factors will play a role in what content is determined relevant by the Google search engine.

Google+ Builds Online Relationships

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that 56.1% of respondents said that they use Google+ for SEO purposes, while 65.9% said that branding is the reason for using the platform. Maybe Google+ doesn’t have the hype that Facebook and Twitter have, but the SEOmoz study found that 66.6% of online marketers plan to use Google+ for gaining followers and making connections with others. These elements are, after all, the main reasons for using social media sites, so it’s no surprise that online marketers need to test out all realms of the online world.

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Source and image c/o: emarketer.com

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