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Learning the Squidoo ropes

Posted by Andre' Savoie on May 19, 2009 3:05:00 PM

I've been fascinated by the whole concept of Squidoo. There were so many interesting things there from both a user and seo standpoint that I just had to jump in. So last night in I went.

3 hours later I had what I think is a nice first lens called Copper gas and electric lanterns - fall in love with lighting all over again. Writing the post was easy enough but the really fascinating part was how to present it. Much like web design or graphic work - you have to make something readable and interesting and Squidoo gives you lots of chances for both.

The part which I think makes Squidoo more fun than blogging is the chance to "plug in" fun stuff like polls, big pictures, lists and photos. You can even add a table of contents which really makes it nice for building longer pages - I wish this is something that came default on blogs or websites.

So the end product is informative, a little off beat and, I think, a little more fun than your average blog post mainly because Squidoo readers seem to reward good useful content. And I think if I were searching for information on a topic like copper gas lanterns this type of post would be of use to me. It has a summary, photos, lots of shopping links, related sites and even user generated content. All in all I think that makes a relevant search for just about anyone.

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