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May 2010 Google Changes Improve the Personalization of Search

Posted by Andre' Savoie on May 10, 2010 3:02:15 PM

Google changes for the Better?

When you turned on the computer and searched the web this week did you notice anything different? If you’re like me you noticed it but couldn’t’ quite tell what it was – but something had definitely changed. However if you totally missed it don't worry...those who live in the internet marketing world are all over this one.!

This past week Google made some slight but noticeable changes to their home page including:

  1. Updated Google logo – Yes they actually tweaked their logo! The new version Google logo has slightly brighter hues of red, blue, green and yellow with less shadow in the background.
  2. Changes to the left hand side search feature. Users now have more tools for jiggling their search results into customized categories such as news, images, blogs, etc. It also suggests related topics of interest.

New Google Logo:

New Google logo

Improvements to the personalization of search

For the last few years all of the major search engines have been striving to improve what they call the “personalization of search.” By this they mean offering you customized results based on your search habits.

This also involves a greater effort than ever to interpret what your intention was when you searched. Thus the evolution of things like the Google Wonder Wheel and related searches.

Also of interest for this round of changes is the ability to filter results by time so you can find the most recent items, and by “social” meaning things being posted on the social websites. You can also filter sites according to shopping, more or less images and their location.

Google – You Can’t Help But Admire Them

No matter what your opinion of Google you had to admire their willingness to tweak what otherwise appears to be working. Google says they made at least 550 revisions to their search engine last year alone! And that’s while owning more than 75% of the market!

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