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Metal copper awnings for doors and windows

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Jun 3, 2009 3:00:00 PM
I have started work with a new client recently and, as luck would have it, they work in the copper business! After working with Flambeaux Lighting on the copper lantern side of things I am now learning about metal copper awnings from my new friends at Crescent City Copper.

Copper awnings and copper lanterns have alot in common. You can pretty much make any shape or size you want since the patterns are cut out of single sheets of copper. And the manufacturing process is very similar - involving the cutout of the pattern, riveting or welding of the seams and deciding on a color for the copper.

Crescent City Copper has a really nice selection of copper awnings all made by hand from their facilities right here in the New Orleans area. Their pricing is very competitive and they couldn't be nicer people - all willing to answer questions and help you find just the right piece you need.

And if copper is something you love check out their website to find other types of copper accessories such as copper weathervanes, finials and these incredibly huge and beautiful devices called cupolas - which sit on the roof of your house.

All in all you can't beat copper for outdoor architectural uses.

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