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Now the Nigerian Police Force is after me too?

Posted by Andre' Savoie on May 19, 2010 8:50:07 AM

The Nigerian Police, Really?

This may be my last blog post as today, I received an email that the Nigerian Police Force needs to know if I am dead or alive in order to process my rightful claim. Apparently some local Nigerians presented a death certificate on my behalf and are claiming to be my beneficiaries.

Now, today's settlement is more than my usual fortune. This one is for almost $15 million. I guess I'll contact them after my noon conference call and get the paperwork started.

Who writes this stuff anyway?

The daily spam barrage never ceases to amuse me. Well ok, some days it's annoying as hell. But other days it cracks me up the things people take the time to distribute out to the world.

Remember, for every garbage email like this you get, someone somewhere had to take the time to sort through your email address and write the email. Then take the time to setup all the details in the event someone actually replies back?

I often wonder if these spam emails are bad jokes or serious attempts at fraud. I met with a client yesterday who actually called the FBI about these emails and they didn't take it too seriously.

So I guess its back to work as in the time it took me to write this blog post I was contacted by another lawyer in Africa with even a larger settlement. So I guess I can stop worrying about the Nigerian Police looking for me!

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