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Outdoor Lantern Basics

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Aug 17, 2009 8:32:00 PM

Adding one or more outdoor lanterns is one of the most creativeways a business owner can change the lighting on the exterior of their home or business.

Antique style copper lanterns offer many options for decorating including:

  • Wall mounting via direct flush mount
  • Bracket mounted lanterns
  • Hanging Lanterns
  • Post or column mounting

Outdoor electric and gas lanterns can be powered by natural gas, propane or even electricity. The electric powered lanterns can be fitted with special bulbs that change the look of the light or a dimmer to control the light output of the lantern. With outdoor copper lanterns, property ownerswill find a number of designsto match the decor of their homes or businesses and provide the finishing touches for any design project.

EverydayUses for Copper Gas and Electric Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor spaces, such as gardens and patios that often hostlargeevents, can light up their grounds using outdoor gas lanterns. Unlike other outdoor lighting systems that must need electric power connections, many gas lanterns are fueled by natural fuel sources. This provides home and business owners with choices for placing lights where they can be best used.

1. General Lighting: The most popular place to locate outdoor gas lanterns is usually the entry way to a home or building. When placed here copper outdoor lanterns can provide an designer touch as well as usable light that will always be on in the front of your home.

2. Outdoor yard lighting: Outdoor gas and electric lanterns can be mounted on posts and positioned where they are needed, ensuring that there are no outdoor areas that are left in the dark. Outdoor copper lanterns can also add an earty toneand a touch of pizzaz that may be more appropriate for gardens and swiming pools than lighting fixtures with matte or polished steel finishes.

3. Decklighting: As an alternative to lighting their outdoor decks with traditional electrical lamps, homeowners can bring a piece of Louisiana to their decks with copper lanterns and can be used for either accent lighting or general lighting.

4. Mood lighting: Whether homeowners are adding the finishes touch to a home or outdoor venue for a special occasion or installing permanent fixtures, outdoor lanterns can be used to enhance the mood. Decorative gas or electric lanterns that are being used outdoors provide a soft glow, the intensity of which can be controlled by adjusting the flow of gas. And simply by placing lanterns next to a pool or pond, the flickering lightcan reflect in the ripples of the water, serving as the most noticeabledecorative touch in the area.

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