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Personalized search makes SEO and social media hard to untangle

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Apr 30, 2012 5:51:30 PM

Whether you like it or not, social media is not going away. And aside from what you think about its impact on your personal life, the fact is, it is now a business issue to be dealt with – especially if you are competing on the internet.

Social media impacts traffic generation, link building and now, with the advent of personalized search, it impacts what we see in search results. As search engines become more sophisticated, each time you touch the Internet to search for something you leave a form of “digital footprint” which can affect future search engine results when you search and you can also affect the results when other people connected to you in some way search.

Personalized Search Explained

This is all part of what is being referred to as personalized search, the goal of which is to provide a search experience that is more relevant to your personal history as well as the history of others closely connected to you. Those connections are often through social media.

With the onset of personalized search has come a new concern over privacy. If you have logged into your Google account lately there is a good chance you have seen notices about new privacy policies all designed to help ease these concerns. That is because search personalization does in fact look at your history and serves up results accordingly. So if you are the type that doesn’t want this sort of information being kept than it’s best to do your searching when you are not logged into one of these services.

Getting More from Personalized Search

Personalized search is designed to improve the user experience, so how can we affect personalized search to our benefit? Here are some suggestions:

Get more Facebook friends. If your friends on Facebook like certain content there is a good chance you will see that in search results. So in theory, if you are searching for a car dealership and one of your friends “likes” content from a car dealership there is a good chance you will see that result if you search for car dealers in Google’s natural results.

So how do you get more Facebook friends? Some suggestions are:

  • Put Facebook “Like” buttons at the top and bottom of your blog
  • Engage your Facebook followers more; ask them questions.
  • Use at tags like in twitter
  • Do a free gift to your Facebook friends
  • Do a live event on Facebook
  • Ask your Facebook friends to help you with the future project

Get a good look at Google plus and see what it’s all about. Google plus has just rolled out business pages and now you have an opportunity to create one. Add Google plus to your sidebar and look for opportunities to expand your circles; you can use a Google plus WordPress plug-in.

Make Sure You Control Your Social Media Presence

No matter if you love or hate social media, it is here to stay and now it seems like your social media presence will affect search engine results among your followers and friends and results that go to you as oppose results that you have affected.


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