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What's the big deal with Pinterest?

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Aug 21, 2012 2:00:07 AM

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets you share all the great ideas you have as well as the ideas of others. Basically, you “pin” these ideas to your board, which acts like a social profile. People can follow your pins and visit your pinboard, checking into all the things you’re interested in. The topics range from recipes to home décor to wedding planning, and it hasn’t taken long for the idea to catch on. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites, with over four million visitors daily.

It’s true that Pinterest first started as a pinboard for crafty people, but now it’s a site that no one should miss out on, especially if you’re a business looking to sell a particular product. There are many effective ways to use Pinterest to help promote your product and to establish good relationships with potential customers. Like any social media site, using Pinterest takes diligence. You should be using the website actively so that you can make a positive impact.

Drawing Traffic to Your Site

One of the greatest advantages to Pinterest is that it’s simple. All you have to do is pin an image to your board and you’re done. Each pinned photo provides a link back to its site, and this is where your marketing comes into play. By clicking on your photo, visitors can go to your site (click once for the pin site, twice for the source site). This will improve your page views and draw more traffic to your blog or site.

Showcasing Your Physical Location

Like other social media sites, you can connect with your target audience using Pinterest. To connect your physical presence with your online presence, utilize Pinterest promotions and online advertisements to draw in traffic. These promotions give customers a reason to come to your physical location, and you can be as creative as you want. Some companies choose to post a new pin each day with something exciting for customers who make a purchase.

Building Relationships

You can also use Pinterest to build relationships with visitors and supply your brand with a good reputation. Many companies choose to post a pin daily and offer up helpful advice, tidbits and cool featured products. This shows that your business is multi-dimensional and takes a genuine interest in the world around it.

NOT for Everyone

In spite of what you might read elsewhere, Pinterest isn’t for everyone. "Boring" businesses (we know who we are) that don't have alot of interesting photos or cool stories may have trouble finding a niche unless you are willing to invest alot of time developing other methods. And while we've read about big brands in "boring" industries doing well with Pinterest, these case studies aren't necessarily scalable for small or medium sized businesses that have tough decisions to make for budgets.


Image c/o: pinterest.com

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