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Social Media for Jewelry Stores Course Taught by WSI

Posted by Andre' Savoie on May 19, 2013 3:40:03 PM

Let's face it, some industries and businesses are just more suitable for social media than others. Certain sectors of the business world are just flat out boring, and people only seek these businesses out when they need them. A good example is a personal injury attorney.

However, other businesses get people dreaming, and stir up fond memories whether or not you are ready to buy. A good example is a jewelry store. These types of businesses do very well on social media as their visual products and happy feelings are the perfect fit for websites like Facebook.

This is one of the reasons that we are so excited to be teaching a new course this week called "5 Steps to Building Your Jewelry Business with Facebook" at the International Jewelry and Merchandise Show being held this week in New Orleans.


Outline of "5 Steps to Building Your Jewelry Business with Facebook"

In this training course, specifically designed for Jewelry Industry Professionals, we will be covering the essential steps that jewelry stores can use to build an active Facebook presence that will ultimately lead to new business. We will also go over an industry case study and talk about the specific strategies this company used to build their following.

Highlights from our outline include:

  • Useful Facebook Stats for Jewelers
  • Why Get Involved with Facebook?
  • 5 Steps to Getting Started
    • Fan Page Setup Concepts
    • Cover Photo Tips
    • Tips for Building Engagement
    • Benefits of Facebook Ads
    • Offline Promotion

If you would like more information about this one hour training course please contact us today. Or if you would like to find out about customizing a training class for your business or industry please let us know.


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