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The Role Of Social Media In International Search Engine Optimization

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Dec 4, 2014 8:07:50 AM

Search engine optimization and social media marketing have been increasingly intertwined over the recent decade. What’s more, social signals becoming a significant ranking factor that can affect your site’s presence in the search engine results, even if your customers never directly contact you or interact via social media. An in-depth understanding of how social media affects SEO can be particularly valuable for anyone involved in global marketing - not only because it can help improve rankings, but active profiles on local or regional social networks can help build trust and credibility.

The Immediate Impact Of Achieving High International Rankings

Every savvy digital marketer and strategist knows that ranking well for your targeted keywords in various languages on both globally and regionally popular search engines can have a significant positive effect in your business. After all, search is a key discovery tool for virtually all internet users, allowing them to accomplish everything from initial research and exploration to a final purchase - and everything in between.

Cost Effective Marketing: Long Term Value Of SEO

While plenty of effort can be required up front - particularly during the web development phase of launching a new site, landing pages, or similar advertising - in the long run, search engine optimization can be quite budget-friendly since it allows for organic discovery of your company’s products and services, and lacks an associated cost per click or impression.

Working with a company that understands the value of SEO and how it affects your company’s bottom line might actually be one of the most important decisions you’ll make - and don’t be afraid to invest in a qualified firm that has proven to create results, since it can most definitely pay off in the end.

SEO Isn’t Limited To Online Businesses

Obviously, search engine optimization is important for ecommerce and anyone else who does business online. In fact, 85% of web users use search to find more information about local brick and mortar businesses. Furthermore, a successful and effective SEO process involves more than just your company’s website - online reviews, social media, and any press mentions all matter, and you can and should build links and promote them as well.

And even if you do business online as well as in actual stores, it is becoming increasingly essential to cross promote your digital presence with your physical one.

This applies no matter country, language, or region you are focusing on - just make sure you know the locally popular social media and online review platforms. Moreover, depending on your business goals, consider working with local media in order to get press coverage and the corresponding coveted types of natural links that will improve your rankings.

Social Media Marketing And Its Relationship With International SEO

Social media can be a wonderful way to manage relationships and improve customer service - as well as increasing productivity and developing brand loyalty. This is particularly important when you are introducing your business in new countries or launching web content in new languages - showing that you understand the local market and customers via the popular platforms can go a long way towards creating a rapport with your new clientele.

Including imagery and colors that are relevant in each country is also helpful, as well as being sensitive to any special events or primary holidays. And it may seem obvious, but make sure that you have a local phone number or Skype options for your users! Even if you don’t have a brick and mortar presence, many people are still reluctant to make unnecessary international calls; plus, it will help improve your rankings in the local search engines.

SEO And Your Complete Global Digital Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimization can be one of the most important tactics that you employ as part of your overall online presence - but only if it is accomplished intelligently. Look at examples how other companies have used SEO both locally and internationally, plan how it will be integrated with other techniques, and be sure to consider the platforms and languages that your audience uses online.


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