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View of Internet Marketing from 30,000 Feet

Posted by Andre' Savoie on May 9, 2010 9:18:54 PM

The online world seems to be getting more complex every day. It also seems to be getting more intertwined with our offline world as the 2 are becoming increasingly difficult to separate.

Being “in the field” everyday and talking to business owners here are some high level observations of trends in the internet marketing world:

1. 5 pages websites don’t win anymore
. The days of putting up a 5 page “brochure website” and being able to generate meaningful results are over. In other words just having a website is no longer enough. You have to create a web presence that engages customers and offers them something of value. Having a friend build you a Yahoo starter site is so "2006"!

2. A crummy site with good content beats a flashy site with no content.
More than ever the search information drives the internet. And while web awards are given each year for creative designs that continues to be the exception rather than the norm. Google the word “mortgage advice” and you will find a dated, but very popular website called the Mortgage Professor. This site ranks #1 for a hugely competitive phrase simply based on the value of it’s content – not design work.

3. Free tools can make you money. The search engines continue to provide us with free tools that can absolutely make you money. Local listings, review sites and blog platforms are great tools for attracting web followers and making money even though they are free.

4. Invest some time, money or both. The irony is that just about everyone has a phrase they wish they were #1 for but don’t want to commit the time or resources to achieving it. Gone are the days when you can just put up your website and be rewarded with top rankings. It takes time (either yours or someone you hire) to build sites into a resource that web users will want to visit.

Let us know if there are high level ideas you think are important. And for more information on internet marketing in New Orleans, Louisiana please visit our website.

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