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Welcome to the internet Greenberg & LaPeyronnie!

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Jul 14, 2009 11:12:00 PM

One of the great parts of my work as an Internet consultant is helping clients who are "first timers" to the Internet. Often times when I talk to colleagues the first reaction may be quick to jump into "well it took long enough - it's 2009 and they are just getting around to a website!"

But I look at it a little differently. As a self employed person I have tremendous respect for people who have successfully run a business for years without a website. That means the person knows how to run a business and is profitable and successful even without a site.

So before anyone snickers about being too late to the party - tip your hat to people who have been successful and are open minded enough to embrace new ideas and technology.

Welcome to the Internet Greenberg & LaPeyronnie, LLC!

Adding new wrinkles, so to speak

What gets me excited is to help businesses like this add a new element to their "repertoire" so to speak. Just in 2009 we have helped 3 very well established businesses establish their first website and in all 3 cases it has added straight to their bottom line profit.

So I prefer to look at this as helping good businesses get better - and teaching them about the tools that the Internet has to offer.

And no matter what I do - there is nothing cooler than getting a call from a client and they tell me they got their first customer or closed a first deal from the Internet!

So welcome to the Internet - Greenberg & LaPeyronnie, LLC!

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