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What Is the “Internet of Things”?

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Nov 10, 2014 2:50:30 AM

If you haven’t heard of the “Internet of Things”, don’t feel bad.

We work on the internet all day and didn’t know what it was either.


As a matter of fact, a recent survey conducted by eMarketer found that 44% of business owners had never heard of the “Internet of Things”, while 30% had heard of it before but had no idea what it is.

One way or another, though, it’s something that you’re going to become familiar with in short order. That’s because the “Internet of Things” is coming whether you want it to or not, and its going to remake the way you and everyone else thinks about the Internet and connectivity.

Okay, so what is the “Internet of Things” Exactly?

As wireless technology has continued to evolve, more and more devices have become connected to the Internet.

At the moment, most consumers continue to experience the Internet through the normal avenues, their computers and mobile devices.

But this is poised to change in a big way over the years to come, in much the same way that mobile has become increasingly important to consumers’ experience of the Internet in current times.

Wireless technology continues to get smaller and cheaper, and because of this more and more objects and devices will become connected to the Internet.

In the not-too-distant future, literally everything in your home, from your coffee table to the kitchen sink, will be connected to the Internet.

This ecosystem of Internet-enabled devices, objects and gadgets is what the “Internet of Things” refers to.

Even the most conservative estimates anticipate that billions of things will be connected to the Internet over the coming decade.

The “Internet of Things” is therefore going to dramatically change the way in which everyone experiences the Internet.

Moreover, it will create an entirely new industry that could be worth multiple trillions of dollars annually, as it’s already worth two trillion dollars annually at present.

Why is the “Internet of Things” Important?

Simply, it’s going to remake the way in which your customers and clients experience and expect to experience the Internet, and your business is going to need to be prepared for the seismic changes this is going to cause.


Naturally, the way that the “Internet of Things” will affect your business is partially dependent on what kind of business you operate.

If, for example, you manufacture and sell smoke detectors and alarms, you’ll want to research and develop ways for those items to connect to the Internet.

But, the “Internet of Things” is about more than products. Because consumers will have access to a 360-degree experience of the Internet, your business will have even more ways for putting yourself out in front of potential customers and clients.

Therefore, it’s important that you monitor developments related to Internet connectivity, as this will enable you to stay ahead of the latest trends. While a search engine optimized website might be sufficient now, the “Internet of Things” will demand a more comprehensive online strategy.

Are you Prepared for the “Internet of Things”?

Like we said earlier, the “Internet of Things” is coming one way or another. However, many businesses remain woefully undereducated about it. Even in the high-tech sector, 40% of businesses have either never heard of it or are not planning to implement strategies for utilizing it. From there, awareness and planning falls off as you move through different industries.

While the “Internet of Things” may not have an immediate impact on your business and your online strategy, it’s important that you stay appraised of any developments related to it.

The effects that the expansion of Internet connectivity will have cannot possibly be underestimated, and they’re hard to anticipate.

Failing to stay on top of this could cause your business to be left in the dust when the next great seismic shift takes places on the Internet.


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