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What you can do with Facebook events

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Jul 1, 2010 5:12:10 PM

Facebook events: An overlooked tool

Once businesses are on Facebook, they may not have time to learn the intricacies of the site and how the many features can be used to generate business. Posting status updates, adding pictures, and even sending messages to all fans are commonly used by businesses, but one often overlooked feature is that of the Facebook event.

The usefulness of Facebook events are a good indicator of how the digital world continues to find ways to model the real world.

A Logical Extension of Social Networking

Facebook was initially started as a social tool to connect friends. They could set up an event to tell their friends on the site that they were having a party or taking part in a charity event, and Facebook would announce their attendance to a specific function or event to the rest of their social media.

For young college students, the original Facebook audience, it was a simple way to find out what was going on around campus. However, now that Facebook has seen dramatic growth in both their over 35 and over 55 demographics, this feature is more than a way to find the best party – it is a great way to let the social network of each of your fans know about your latest promotion or event.

Benefits of Using Events

By inviting your fans or friends to a given event, you are including them on a list of individuals to whom you can send specific messages such as encouraging them to RSVP or including details about a promotion. You are also potentially exposing each of their extended networks to the event, as each time one of them indicates that they will attend the event, a message is posted that all of their friends can see. You can reach a whole new audience by using Facebook events!

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