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Why it's never been more important to work on your game daily

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Sep 30, 2010 5:44:45 AM

The importance of ongoing learning

People who are good at something make it look easy. For instance, when Tiger Woods was at his peak, it sure looked like no big deal to shoot a 65 at the Masters. But fast forward to 2010 and we see the same person but struggling with his game – clearly suffering from not putting in the time to be the best.

What we don’t see with people who make things look easy is the extraordinary time they put into their trade when no one is looking. The extra time spent reading, studying, practicing and generally becoming better prepared for whatever they are doing.

Frustrated Tiger Woods

WSI 2010 Annual Conference – Lessons Learned

This year, our WSI Annual Conference centered on the theme of “social media.” Most speakers focused on some aspect of how all the digital and social technology is changing our lives and fostering new behavior both on an economic and personal level.

But to me, the real lesson was that the people who are committed to ongoing learning will never have a bigger advantage than they will in coming years.

Think about it – over the last few years the pace of technological change in our daily lives has been dizzying (to say the least). 7 year olds are now walking around with mobile phones and texting their friends while surfing the internet!

But for business people, this means that their customers are shopping, buying and doing business in a whole new process that involves digital media and social technology. And the successful businesses will be the ones who learn, adapt and change the fastest.

What should you be doing?

At the conference, one of the speakers suggested spending at least 30 minutes daily taking in a “river of knowledge” using all of the digital and social technology available to us today. As such, the only way to keep up is by taking part in changes as they happen, and spending the time daily to “work on our games.”

And that's the power of WSI as an organization - constantly feeding that information out to our 1,200 consultants worldwide sharing best practices and success stories. And in turn, sharing that information with our clients. Working daily on "our games" is our plan to stay ahead of the curve!


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