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Why Landing Pages are Vital for PPC

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Oct 10, 2012 3:12:15 AM

How many times have you clicked on an advertisement that was relevant to you, only to find that you were re-directed to a landing page with a completely different message? Chances are, you closed out of the page and went on with your search. But what if that link you clicked was actually relevant and had the product, service or information you were interested in? Would you have stayed and checked out the content? Maybe you would have even signed up for the company’s email list or downloaded an ebook.

What is Landing Page?

This is essentially what landing pages are all about. A landing page is the page that you were directed to through a link or advertiser. Generally, landing pages are commercial websites that are selling a product or service and designed to meet the needs of particular organizations. Landing pages can exist on their own or be part of a larger website.

According to Marketing Sherpa, 79 percent of internet traffic goes to landing pages on a website, leaving 21 percent finding the homepage first. Landing pages are very important to a company’s digital marketing plan, and with the right approach, they can make all the difference in building traffic and converting customers. Even a 1 to 2 percent conversion rate can double your return on investment.

Why Landing Pages are Valuable

Let’s review why landing pages are important.

- The landing page is the first page that people see when visiting your site. It represents your brand and brings traffic to other pages on your site.

- You can gain information about the people coming to your site using Google Analytics. This helps you market to your target group more effectively.

- Landing pages promote specific products and services, which can in turn create more sales.

- Landing pages enhance customer awareness. People learn about your product, what it has to offer and where to buy it.

- When customers learn about your business, they talk about it. You may be mentioned on a social media site or referred to a friend.

Landing pages are designed to be interesting, intriguing and informative, and you want to leave people with a good impression. Better yet, you want people to make an action, such as by signing up for your mailing list. Make sure you have good content on your landing page that is accurate and educational; this allows potential customers to view you as the authority in your industry.

Having an internet consultant can help you set up a landing page that effectively markets your business. The more professional, relevant and interesting your landing page is, the longer people will stay on your site and value your place in the market.

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