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A few cool things about StumbleUpon

Posted by Andre' Savoie on Oct 11, 2012 12:04:02 PM

StumbleUpon is truly a unique website, but it goes under the radar, especially compared to other sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. However, StumbleUpon stays true to its original core, which is providing great content from around the web. The 25 million users agree with this vision, and rely on StumbleUpon to provide relevant, unique websites that have to do with the things they’re interested in, whether it be cooking, traveling, decorating or even the paranormal.

So what makes StumbleUpon a potentially amazing marketing tool?

It’s all in the algorithm, really, which is a tree network system combined with quality scores, the domain and the content. If you want to have an impact in StumbleUpon and improve your company’s brand, you must submit quality content that are StumbleUpon made and share your information with key individuals in your network.

‘Stumbling Upon’ Great Content

With the recent changes that have been made to StumbleUpon to improve its user experience, users will enjoy the StumbleThru feature, Channels and added search box. Although these changes have had little impact on media coverage and traffic, it has given loyal users more freedom within the site. For those looking to enhance their online marketing, these benefits are worthwhile.

Consider what happens when you use the site for social marketing. When you submit quality content and users “stumble” across your page, your site than gets traffic and exposure. The people reading your page can like it and be directed to more information just like it. The more people that see your page, the more traffic it gets. And unlike other sites like You Tube or Twitter that are in real-time, the traffic you get from StumbleUpon is steady.

How StumbleUpon Works as a Marketing Tool

Consider this example. If one of your pages sees a 15,000 visitor spike, this traffic never really goes away. Because of the algorithm that StumbleUpon uses, it prompts users who have subscribed to that particular category to vote on your content. Users are only shown the content one time each, but this content continues to cycle through each user. Also, users can share or re-blog the content with the click of a button, easily sharing your web pages on Facebook and personal blogs.

So…fast forward a few months down the line, where an inactive user signs onto StumbleUpon and is shown your content from months prior. When they vote on it, it then cycles through to other users in that category, and your content gets new traffic. When your content is liked or tagged, it reaches a whole new spectrum of people and keeps your content going for the long run. This is exactly why people love StumbleUpon. It’s not just about the here and now, but what content is really worth reading about.

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